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Last updated 23rd October 2017
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Angela Lehrer
I really enjoy reading and searching your site. It's a wonderful resource of images and information and brings back many happy memories of growing up in Liverpool. I recommend your site to my fellow Liverpudlians as I'm sure they would enjoy browsing as much as I do.

Laurence Matthew Furlong
I just wanted to take the opportunity to compliment you on your brilliant web site. Not only is it very informative, but its presentation is of a high standard. I enjoy looking in for a good read often, and never fail to recommend your history site to any serious student of history.

Colin Hadwin
We enjoyed another of your wonderful walks today (Thursaston/Irby). They are becoming my first port of call for ideas when a local walk is needed.  So clear and informative. Please know how helpful your website is and many thanks for your commitment to it. Keep up the good work!

Robert Earnshaw
What a fantastic website - am really enjoying this site will return to it later.

Brian Seddon
I lived in Vale Road Woolton from my birth in 1926 until leaving for Canada in 1955, where I worked as a Professional Structural Engineer until my retirement in1991. Was at St. Peters School until 1940, then Old Swan Tech. until 1942. I have just learned of this very interesting site, which I will enjoy investigating further. An excellent site that has been put in my favourites to go back and explore time and again. You have done a lot of work and research. This site is going to provide me with hours of exploration of my home area, and talking of the Allerton Oak in Calderstones Park, that is the place my father worked as a gardener. I consider myself very lucky to have grown up in the area where we, as children and adults, had access to Reynolds Park, Allerton Park, Woolton Woods, Allerton Golf Course, Clarke's Gardens and Calderstones Park. I emigrated to Canada in 1955, and if you are interested, I have a website, part of which has photos of Liverpool and Woolton area taken over many years. Of note, the Three Graces when they were black from all the coal burning ships along the docks. They were sand blasted clean, but have still darkened since then, but not to the extent they once were.

Geoff Nadin
Just stumbled upon Allerton Oak.  What a treasury!  I grew up in Litherland in the 50s but the family moved to Southern Africa when I was 11, just about to start at Waterloo Grammar.  I spent 12 years in Africa before returning for a brief 6 years in England, though in the Midlands.  I've been living in Australia since 1974 and seldom get back to the old country but recently have been researching family history and am sufficiently inspired to make a return visit later this year.  Allerton Oak has awakened so many memories, visual and other, and I've learned more about Liverpool history in this short time than I ever knew.  Well done for such a great effort!

Roy Aldington
What an absolutely wonderful website! I chanced upon it via Google whilst researching the history of Shotwick and Woodbank. It really is a fine example of what is good on the WWW and is very much a credit to you. Well done. Bugger the hard work and keep it up! Many thanks.

Jen Steier
Love this site ... it makes me cry ... but in a good way. I lived at the bottom of Church road Woolton. The double decker buses (#73) did not even go up the road at that time. Christmas morning we listened to the bells of St. Peters playing Christmas music, and of course their summer fete was always fun, especially the lucky dip. Living on Church road, I would go to all the churches, regardless of which faith they belonged to. I went to the Archbishop of Liverpool's house (Catholic) for firework night. The village was a safe place to grow up in the fifties. It was a simple life. Wish it was the same these days ... Jennifer Steier, nee Caveney.

Simon & Susan Taylor (Wallasey)
Just to say we discovered your website by chance (googling for urban walks) & have now done 3 walks on Wirral: Hoylake, West Kirby/Caldy & Irby: all most enjoyable. Thank you very much

Doris Davies (née Long)
Hi One and All. Have just discovered this web site. Love it, and will be a regular visitor. Since 1976 I have lived in New Zealand, but in my earlier years - Wavertree was home. I attended Hey Green Road School, and later Olive Mount Secondary Modern. I was saddened to learn that Olive Mount was bulldozed to the ground to make way for some kind of residential area. My first ever job was with the Royal Liver Friendly Society, in the now famous Liver Buildings. Sad to say that whilst living in Liverpool I did not appreciate it's history, and the architecture. It's now only many years down the track that I am finding more of Liverpools' history. Cheers everyone

Nathalie Connor
Fantastic! I cannot say enough good things about your website! (Well, I could, but we would have to talk in terms of compensatory pints then! ;) ) I finally have a comprehensive view of what Liverpool is truly about. It is far more picturesque than I had been lead to believe! As an across-the-ponder trying to get a handle on placenames, your site has assisted me tremendously. Your attention to detail and good humour made for both a pleasant and productive visit! Job well done! I was especially grateful for your treatment of the Docks, as my great grandad Henry Connor was a piermaster at one. As someone else suggested, more pubs would be fantastic as my other great grandad Joseph Ross, barber to the masses, had his shop on St. Mary's Road right beside the George Inn. I only hope his clientele visited him before the publican!! Can't wait to see your next offerings! Perhaps a view of all musical venues in the city? Church choirs notwithstanding! Thank you for all your efforts!! You simply must put out a book!

Tony Foard
Have just discovered your splendid website - congratulations! It's endlessly fascinating, both in terms of images and facts. Thank you.

Joyce Hughes
Gosh - what a super site.  It covers all my interests in Liverpool / history / walking, and even has a separate page on ancient churches - a particular interest of mine.  I can see many a happy hour ahead browsing through the site, and will no doubt be in touch again.  Thank you very much.

Dave Wood (
Thanks for the photos and info on Liverpool and Wirral. It is a fantastic resource. I found it by chance when researching for collieries in the Neston area.

Nancy Milne
My grandfather John Alfred Evans, b.1876 in West Derby Liverpool, came to Australia around 1905 and little was known about his family or where he lived. This site has given me a huge insight as to what it was like and still is in Liverpool.

Joan Dial
As an expatriate Scouser (Wavertree) now living in So. California, I loved all of the photos and positively wallowed in nostalgia. Ah, the memories of my misspent youth!

Ray McDonnell
Last year I noticed an old railway line and station in West Derby village and was interested in when the line had been closed and the general history. After viewing AO I got all the info I wanted. A bonus was the link to walks in and around Merseyside.

Keith Draper
I have just received your web site from a friend in the States. I have only looked into it briefly but I am very impressed. I live in Melbourne Australia, and anything to do with Liverpool has my attention. I look at the Lark Lane site quite often. (ex Liverpool, now in USA)
Thoroughly enjoyed your site. Thanks for the great memories. Joanne Roberts (nee Joan Mansell), if you read this, please contact me. Mansell was my maiden name, we may be related!

Marion Jakupi-Pugh
I am delighted with the content of the website. Both the information and the photographs are impressive. All in all a great experience for those who cannot view the area in person. Keep up the good work. If you decide to publish a book let me know.

Irene Lincs
What a great idea for all of us who no longer live in our Liverpool as we are still very proud to be scousers.

Ann Higginson
Thank you for all the effort into creating this wonderful nostalgic site.

Gordon Butler, Cheadle Hulme.
Recommended to view this site by John Finnigan. Very worthwhile.

Joanne Roberts
I was born Joan Mansell in 1930 at 215 St Marys Road Garston. I maried Ray Courbet in 1952. I miss Liverpool more and more each year and regret ever moving.

Jim Beisty (NSW Australia, formerly of Bootle)
What a wonderful site, congratulations. I have walked some of the areas you have tabled on previous home visits, but your great detail and photos will allow me an even better opportunity to revisit many and more of the sites/sights of my childhood.

Alan Wignall, Liverpool
What a magnificent resource for visitor and local alike. The walks are amazingly detailed and the photos and history add real flavour to the experience. Thank you so much for the time and effort invested in the site.

Arthur Henry, ex-Dingle now Arizona, USA
Excellent site. Keep up the good work.

Don Garton
Hi Laurence. Like your site a lot. Will be visiting it regularly. Keep up the good work. Have you got more pictures of pubs?

Evelyn (from Weston-Super-Mare)
I've just spent a lovely, interesting and nostalgic hour or so on your website. Your photos are great, especially St. George's Hall, Walker Art Gallery, etc. Keep up the good work!

Marg and Andy (from OZ)
It brought a tear to our collective eye to see scenes of Merseyside again. Loved living in liverpool, and recently seeing lots of our dear friends again after a very long sojourn. Arightlike!

Nice pictures of Wirral, especially the ones near Heswall and the Wirral Way.

John Finnigan
A thoroughly well researched site full of interesting walks, facts, comments and, not least, high quality photographs. A feast for those interested in all things Scouse, and a valuable source of information and Liverpool trivia.

A very attractive website. The photographs are good and the walks well planned and detailed.

David Isherwood
Interesting useful site!

Just had a look around your site - extremely interesting. The photo of Allerton golf course with the sun setting is very atmospheric and the Liver Building, as usual, is mightily impressive.

Nice pictures on your site. In response to your request for information, the landmark pictured near Hall Road is one of two measured mile markers which were used by shipping to calibrate their speed instruments when leaving port.

In Woolton Woods there is a Walled Garden. I had forgotten about this until I glimpsed it through the trees. It has the old floral cuckoo clock in it. Thanks for doing this walk - it took me back through areas unvisited for a long time.