Old Churches near Liverpool
Last updated 31st March 2016
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This article describes the surviving older churches of the Liverpool suburbs, Merseyside, Wirral and the surrounding areas. I have selected those constructed before 1800 or with significant pre-1800 remains in the structure. Most of the region's oldest buildings are churches and, if you want a direct link to the distant past, where better to find it? Although many of the buildings have been restored or partially rebuilt since 1800, this has generally been done with sensitivity. Unfortunately, it is a sign of the times that the interiors of most of these churches are only open to general visitors at restricted times, if at all. Never mind, because many are situated in peaceful and atmospheric grounds of no mean historical interest in themselves and the external architecture is wonderful.
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I have divided the region into four areas:
1   Liverpool Suburbs
2   Wirral
3   North of the Mersey
4   South of the Mersey
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All Saints Church, Childwall