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Trip to Hafna Mine -- 12th Sep 2004

Group: Dennis, Dave

A possible way in to Hafna level 3 had been spotted a couple of months earlier and it was decided to do a quick exporation. The weather was pretty miserable and so we felt that we wouldn't get any wetter in the Mine than outside.
The entrance is close to the top of the Hafna Mill, not far from the chimney and is via a fairly uninspiring piece of drainage tube.

The tube is fairly dry (or it was when we ventured in), however after about 20' the tube ends about 30" above the floor level and this is almost level with the tube in cold water, This probably sufficient to discourage casual explorers. The passage opens out and the water level decreases to mere puddles as the passage rises.

The passage continues in almost a straight line. There a couple of short (about 5-8') side passages which are probably just exploratory levels. Above there is a section of stoping and various stemples are visible high up. As the passage continues there is a section of rotton flooring supported on dubious stemples just above head height. The mine has a aura of dilapidation and neglect. There are a few small stalls forming on the upper walls.

A little further on is a ladderway on the RHS which drops to level 4. This is interesting from almost every aspect.

The first ladder is missing most of its rungs. Those which are present are not really well attached. The ladder could be wobbled about (it is not fixed at the top) but the frightening feature was the bending in the middle - it almost snapped in two! The first platform looks OK from the top, but the second ladder looks pretty much like the first one. You really don't want to go down them!

The only plus point is there is a fairly clean drop for an SRT rope down to platform 2, the problem will be finding a belay point, There is a reasonable stemple a little further on which could be used and a moderately sized boulder as a backup. Unfortunately only one of us (Dave) had SRT gear with them and we didn't bring a long enough rope and long sling. The wall nearest the ladderway doesn't look like it would be boltable - it looks too friable,

Exploration continued and a short way ahead the floor has collapsed and there is a hole with water from upper levels draining through. The topology is slightly confusing as it appears that a stempled section of floor has collapsed onto level 3 and water runs off this and down the hole. There is a slighty dodgy slope leading down to the hole (nice 6" compressed air pipe to grab hold of) and some timber work can be seen below. We guess the stopes from level 4 have intruded into level 3. There is a piece of 2" compressed air pipe on the LHS (half buried in the rubble and visible in the first photo below) which could be used as a footway over the hole, however a safety line would be needed!. Photos of this area did not come out very well, but give some impression of the state of play.

We plan to return and have a further look, however given the state of the mine we suspect that progress will be limited due to the risks of falling timber or falling floors! It is not clear if the passage after the ladderway is on solid rock and so great care should be taken...