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Trip to Xmas Cave (Ogof Nadolig) -- 13th Jan 2008

Group: Sandy, Dave,

The weather was not particularly brilliant and the River Alyn was in flood as we trundled past Poachers down to the bridge and then up the track to the cave entrance. It didn't take long to get to the junction and Dave prussiked up the fixed ropes and fixed a ladder & lifeline There were a few pools of water in the crawlway as we made our way towards the terminal chamber & digs.

We carefully climbed down the side passage leading to the terminal chamber and had a look at the digs in progress. There seemed to have been a bit of activity since we were here last, but the progress looked like it was fairly slow. There was still a lot of digging equipment scattered around.

We headed back up and along to the pitch and derigged. After a quick look at the start of the lower series to inspect the 8mm split we headed out into daylight. The weather hadn't improved...

Total trip time about 2 hours