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Upper/Lower Long Churn

Calf Holes - Browgill Cave

Alum Pot (via Dolly Tubs)

Sunset Hole

Heron Pot

Jingling Pot

Sell Gill Holes

Hardrawkin Pot

Ireby Fell Cavern

Pikedaw Calamine Cavern

Pillar Holes

Nettle Pot (Gawthorp)

Hagg Gill Pot

Ibbeth Peril Cave 1

Dow Cave

Illusion Pot/Dale Head Cave

Lancaster Hole - Wretched Rabbit

Thackthwaite Beck Cave

New Goyden Pot

Great Douk Cave - Middle Washfold

Nippikin Pot

Skirwith Cave

Crackpot Cave

Manchester Hole/Goyden Pot

Gaping Gill

Heron Pot - Gaze Gill


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Yorkshire Trip Reports

These pages describe some of the trips to natural caves in Yorkshire undertaken by members of the group.

In contrast to the North Wales caves, most of the potholes and caves are clean and wet.