Lost Rivers of Liverpool

Last updated 8th December 2014
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The area covered by the conurbation of modern Liverpool was once traversed by a number of small rivers or streams, the scant remains of which can still be seen in some places. Uncovering these lost rivers provides a fascinating insight into the landscape of the past. They disappeared mainly because of widespread building and the subsequent redirection of rainfall into the sewerage system. They were historically important as sources of water and power, drainage, district boundaries and, even many years ago, recreation. Latterly they were also conduits for pollution and disease. Liverpool itself was established at the mouth of one such river, The Pool, where it entered the River Mersey.
I have followed the rivers from the centre of Liverpool to the south and then to the north. Modern reference points that I have used to describe their courses are as accurate as I can manage, but may not be precise.
Site Contents
1   Central Liverpool
2   South Liverpool: Toxteth
3   South Liverpool: Wavertree to Garston
4   North Liverpool
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The Upper Brook in Sefton Park