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      Illustrated Special Features about Liverpool, Merseyside, Wirral and North-West Cheshire
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What is merseyThemes?
merseyThemes, part of allertonOak, consists of a series of detailed and lavishly illustrated special features to do with Merseyside and the surrounding area. Each article takes up a particular topic and surveys the whole region, as appropriate. So merseyThemes complements merseySights, where the focus is on one area at a time. I try to keep all of the information correct and up to date but this is a mammoth task. If you have spotted any errors, can contribute fresh information or just want to share your thoughts or memories, please let me know; anything used will be acknowledged. For contact details, see the allertonOak home page.
The Origin of Local Place Names
A guide to the origin of place names in and around Merseyside.
A History of Allerton and Mossley Hill
A comprehensive history of Allerton and Mossley Hill, covering geological origins, prehistoric inhabitants and their remains, the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, the Normans and the subsequent Lords of the Manor, the early landscape and byways, distinguished residents and their properties, ecclesiastical institutions, public parks, roads and railways, and connections with the Beatles.
The Cathedrals
A history and description of Liverpool's two outstanding cathedrals.
Old Liverpool Churches
A survey of the principal churches of the original Liverpool parish built before about 1830. Many of these were among the town's most beautiful buildings, but changing demographics, demands of commercial development and the bombing of World War II have obliterated all but four of them.
Old Churches near Liverpool
This article describes the surviving churches of the Liverpool suburbs and the surrounding areas that were constructed before 1800 or have significant pre-1800 remains in the structure. Most of the region's oldest buildings are churches and, if you want a direct link to the distant past, where better to find it?
Grade I Listed Buildings
A guide to all of the Grade I listed buildings of Liverpool and the surrounding area. Liverpool itself has the largest number of listed buildings in the United Kingdom outside London.
The Garden Suburb Movement in Merseyside
An overview of the most significant garden suburbs of Merseyside, including estates for the wealthy, workers' model villages associated with factories and council initiatives.
The Allerton Oak
All about our famous ancient oak tree, the Allerton Oak, from which this site took its name.
Lost Rivers of Liverpool
An account of the lost rivers of Liverpool. Uncovering these waterways provides a fascinating insight into the landscape of the past. They were historically important as sources of water and power, drainage, district boundaries and, even many years ago, recreation. Liverpool itself was established at the mouth of one such river, The Pool, where it entered the River Mersey.
Old Roads and Villages of Liverpool
A study of the outlying roads and villages of Liverpool as they appear on the Yates and Perry map of 1768 and how they have survived into the present conurbation. The old roads and their boundary walls are seen to shape the modern suburbs and many buildings and other structures from before the 19th century survive into the present.
Lighthouses of Liverpool Bay
An account of the existing and lost lighthouses of Liverpool Bay in the Merseyside and Wirral areas. Their history is irrevocably linked with storms, wrecks and the hazardous coastline of rocks and shifting banks, but also with prosperity and the vibrancy of trade.
Windmills of Merseyside and Wirral
An account of the surviving traditional windmills in the Merseyside and Wirral area. Their rarity and oddity always make them an arresting feature of the landscape.
Viking Merseyside
A survey of the Viking settlements on the Wirral Peninsula and in south-west Lancashire and their legacy in the region today.
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