Last updated 29th May 2017
      Illustrated Walks in Liverpool, Merseyside, Wirral and North-West Cheshire
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What is merseyWalks?
merseyWalks, part of allertonOak, describes my favourite walks in Merseyside and the surrounding area, the result of much scrutiny of maps (and Google Earth) and wear and tear on the poor old feet. The region offers a fantastic variety of walking including fine parks and suburban open spaces (Liverpool is one of the greenest cities in the UK), the attractively rural Wirral countryside with its charming old villages, the desolate expanses of the Mersey and Dee estuaries, the rolling Cheshire hills, the miles of golden sand and quiet hinterland of the Irish Sea coast and historic urban areas with magnificent architecture.
I am gradually updating the style and content of the walk descriptions. To make the walks more suitable for printing or accessing by mobile phone, I am adding more background information to the text but disabling the click-on-the-photo function. For desktop, laptop or tablet use, links to other parts of allertonOak are now included. The new-style walks are identified by an asterisk (*).
Most of the walks present no difficulties, but may be slippery in places during or after adverse weather and are undertaken entirely at the walker's own risk; you might want to check the weather forecast. Several of the walks are in coastal areas. It may be best to do these walks when the tide is in or out depending upon local conditions; you should check the tide predictions.
Weather Tides
I do hope you enjoy these walks. They will enhance your appreciation of our region enormously. If you would like to share your thoughts about this site or contribute information of any kind, I'd like to hear from you. For contact details, see the allertonOak Home Page.
1 * The South Liverpool Green Wedge (7th April 2016)
2   Around Hale (20th July 2009)
3   Pex Hill and Cronton (11th June 2005)
4   Helsby Hill (1st September 2013)
5   Willaston to Parkgate (11th June 2005)
6   Thurstaston and Caldy (11th June 2005)
7   Woolton and Childwall (11th June 2005)
8 * Mossley Hill and Sefton Park (7th April 2016)
9   Seacombe to New Brighton (5th March 2013)
10 * The Pier Head to Otterspool (7th April 2016)
11 * Liverpool Docks and Waterfront (29th May 2017)
12 * Liverpool Commercial Quarter (10th May 2016)
13 * Liverpool Town Centre and Museum Area (30th April 2017)
14 * Liverpool Cathedrals and Georgian Quarter (26th April 2016)
15   Storeton to Thornton Hough (16th June 2005)
16   Waterloo to Hightown (18th October 2005)
17   Formby and Freshfield (26th September 2005)
18   West Derby Village and Croxteth Country Park (2nd December 2011)
19   Fiddler's Ferry to Pickering's Pasture (11th September 2007)
20   Stanley Dock to Litherland (1st March 2006)
21   Runcorn Hill (29th May 2006)
22   Around Irby (29th May 2006)
23   Lydiate and Haskayne (30th January 2007)
24   Ainsdale Nature Reserve (30th January 2007)
25   Port Sunlight (31st March 2007)
26   The Wirral North Coast (3rd April 2007)
27   Hunt's Cross to West Derby (5th April 2007)
28   Heswall Fields and Dales (11th April 2007)
29   Around West Kirby (23rd May 2007)
30   Bidston Hill and Village (17th November 2007)
31   Waterloo to Maghull (24th March 2008)
32   Little Crosby and Thornton (20th April 2008)
33   Freshfield and Formby Moss (24th April 2008)
34   Hoylake to West Kirby (22nd July 2008)
35   West Kirby to Hilbre Island (2nd May 2013)
36   Around Old Birkenhead (14th September 2009)
37   Birkenhead Park (6th October 2009)
38   Plemstall and the Gowy Marshes (11th November 2010)
39   Tarvin and Hockenhull Platts (29th November 2010)
40   Historic Wavertree (31st October 2011)
41   Willington and Primrose Hill (5th March 2013)
42   Around Manley (8th April 2013)
43   Around Woodhouse Hill (1st September 2013)
To find a walk you can hover and click on the numbers on the map or use the links below. The maps for each walk are to scale with north at the top. Printer and mobile phone friendly versions of the walk descriptions and detailed maps are available through the buttons provided with each walk.
All maps at merseyWalks were drawn and all photographs taken by the author. You may use the information for non-commercial purposes as long as is accredited. For use on your website, please place a link to allertonOak.